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I have worked in the field of public relations for more than a decade. I specialize in books, nonprofits, issue-oriented campaigns, often serious topics. Combining both traditional and social media campaigns, I research online outlets to place material on appropriate sites and pitch national and local TV and radio. I solicit print features and engage in social media platforms to establish an identity. I also coach for media appearances. My specialty is to write press materials--releases, interviews, short features, bios, OpEds and blogs--that translate complex ideas into understandable prose.

Among my publishing campaigns are Tracking Medicine: A Researchers Quest to Understanding Health Care (Oxord), The Pakistan Cauldron (Potomac), The Performative Revolution: Egypt (Bloomsbury), The Ice Road: An Epic Journey from the Stalinist Labor Camps to Freedom (Aquila Polonica),  Narnia, Lemony Snickett (Harper Collins Children), St. Francis of Assisi by RFK, Jr. (Hyperion/Disney), "The Birth of the Mind" (NYU Press) Controversial books include Armed and Female, No Time to Think, The Menace of Media Speed & The 24-hour news cycle (Continuum) , Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings: An American Controversy (Virginia Press), Noam Chomsky's "World Orders Old and New" (Columbia Press).  "Red, Hot & Blue: A Smithsonian Salute to the American Musical" (Smithsonian Press), "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language" , the biography, "Martin Scorsese (TMP).  Bestsellers I have publicized include "Angels in America: Part 2 Perestroika" (TCG) and "Callanetics." Some of my most memorable campaigns were Jane Goodalls' "Visions of Caliban" (Little Brown), the 50th anniversary of "The Grapes of Wrath" (Vintage) and TCG's "Plays are Literature" campaign.

I have also publicized Taxattack.com, Crane Paper and Evian Water. My non-profit work has included events for The Borough of Brookklyn and fundraising galas for theater groups. 
I am a one person business and I work with a variety of staffs and budgets. I do all writing, pitching, consulting, and coaching, as well as the extensive follow-up that can be pivotal to a campaign's success. Though I have employed clerical help, many publishers prefer to use their own staff.
I have worked with almost every kind of book published, but I don't choose to work on every book. It must be one I feel can attract publicity with the right angle. I work on a pitch that feels comfortable for the author yet has a good chance for success. My campaigns are customized. Within specific budgets, I work to obtain maximum coverage, sometimes coordinating with in-house publicists. 

If you are shopping for a publicity campaign, I can give you an idea of what I can do on your budget. My fees are based on the time involved and the complexity of the project. I charge on a per project basis or monthly retainer. I also have a nonprofit rate.  
I write proposals for projects at no charge, when the conception of the campaign is important to decision-making and a client is serious in their intention to hire a publicist. I charge a small fee (150.) for the time involved to write a proposal, when a client is using a proposal to gather information for the future.  


Pitch letters are the short form of a project, as well as the "why" it should be taken seriously by media contacts. Crafting that pitch is never arbitrary, though if it doesn't work, it's changed. A Q&A interview is a good short-hand to a book and the personality you're asking outlets  to consider. Mine have show up in newspapers or wire services and been used on air.   

Press releases are representative of the book. A good one should work with the pitch letter, as a longer form of the same content. Both show what's important to people who may not read the book. Bios show the credentials of a person to  write about their subject. 

My office is located in the Union Square area.
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Susan Weinstein
41 Union Square West, Rm.919
NY, NY 10003


I started a book blog of reviews because I am an incessant reader and like the outlet. I usually review fiction, both classic and new. This blog is not necessarily for my clients. I review what I feel like writing, so I hope the pieces are unexpected and maybe interesting.

My book blog is: 

I started doing publicity as part of a scholarship I received to write plays at the the Iowa Writers workshop. I came to New York and worked at Scribner Associates and at Warner Communications, as departmental writer. I began my company in 1980 because I wanted to have some control over the books I publicized. Publicity requires an emotional committment if the work is to succeed. And I have orchestrated a number of successful campaigns, because I am not working in a mechanical way.

Besides my PR work, I continue with personal writing projects. The Anarchist's Girlfriend, considered an underground classic, is currently being serialized at www.eatyourserial.com. My other books include Tales of the Mer Family Onyx (for children and adults) on Amazon, and Paradise Gardens. I also have written a number of plays, which have been produced, such as White-Walled Babes, Something about that Face, and Rabies. And I have long worked on Ether: The Houdini Doyle show, about the metaphysical bet between Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I have a BFA in Fine Arts from Temple Univ's Tyler School of Art. And I paint for the love of it in oils, water colors and colored pencils. I have done illustrations for San Francisco Magazine and was awarded a Special Achievement Award at the LBI Foundation of the Arts. I have received commissions and am currently relaxing with drawing.  I
 live in New York City with my husband and son.

I am a believer in the Free marketplace of ideas. I think books can be a powerful tool to influence the world and if we work to "get the word out" we are also responsible for the ideas presented. My objective is to get useful and meaningful information into the world and to make a living.

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